Casagrande C5R XP-2 – Micropiling Drilling Equipment

Some general overview of the Equipment

The new C5R XP-2 represents a joint venture of over 50 years of Casagrande’s experience in the field of drilling, together with the innovation a feature, which characterizes the long history of company’s successes.

The C5R XP-2 is the multipurpose drill rig designed by Casagrande to perform projects in the field of
foundation drilling, specifi cally for constructing anchors and micropiles.

The SPM – Smart Power Management – and the full load sensing hydraulic system allow an intelligent engine power management to improve performance of the machinery and reduce fuel consumption.

The crawler rig is equipped with a separable power pack, a modular mast and a double joint kinematic. It is so small and easy-to-use so that it can work in narrow spaces such as tunnels or inside buildings. The new C5R XP-2 is a compact crawler drill rig, easy to truck and maneuver, thanks to the ergonomic remote control.

The Smart Power Management (SPM) is an intelligent engine power management system that improves performances and productivity of the machinery. The SPM system monitors the momentary power fl ows and immediately allocates the available power to the different jobs, so the operation function has always the maximum power available.

The XP-2 hydraulic power system uses the Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology. Unlike the common hydraulic managing systems, the FLS pressurizes only the required amount of oil requested by users thanks to the back-action between pumps and distributors. It allows to manage the power demands and reduces dissipations, achieving up to the 25% of fuel saving (calculated on the basis of a theoretical working cycle).

Some technical specifications of the Equipment

Undercarriage with extendables tracks: 1200 – 1600 mm

Diesel Engine: Cummins QSF 3.8 97 kW @2200 rpm – Tier IV Final (Self Removable power pack by radio remote control)

Mast: stroke 4050 mm

Rotary Head: T14 EP with off hole slide: 12,17 kNm complete with Drive sleeve and 2’’ rear swivel

Clamps: M2Z-M2SZ dia 40 – 254mm

Service winch: A1 complete with compact rotating jib (Max line pull: 9 kN)

Setup: hydraulically 2''dia. 2 line 2 way single tap valve, Safety cages with manualopening, safety ropes on mast, cable remote control for tracking, hydraulic system for drifter

Some Images of the Equipment

Contact Information

  • Via Malignani, 1, 33074 Fontanafredda PN - Italy
  • Phone:
    +39-0434 9941
  • 08:30AM – 18:00PM

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