Casagrande B330XP PDW-L + Kit CFA-R – Piling Equipment

Some general overview of the Equipment


Some technical specifications of the Equipment

Undercarriage: 3500 - 5000 mm, width of track shoes 1000mm

Diesel Engine: Caterpillar C15 403 kW @ 2100 rpm – with starting kit for low temperatures

Rotary Head: H40 Max torque 370 kNm

Winches: Main 320 kN, auxiliary 134 kN

Pull-Down winch: Crowd/Extraction Force 400 kN, Stroke 19000 mm

Kelly bar: 4 x 12,5 interlocking type

Setup: automatic greasing of the jib pulleys, mast return pulleys and pins on mast attachment, rotary head lower flange with cardanic joint, hydraulic circuit for casing oscillator, hydraulic lifting cylinder for counterweight, video unit with two cameras and one 7” monitor to control the main winch drum and the space behind the upperstructure, hydraulically operated mast folding, hydraulically operated jib folding

Additional CFA-R kit complete with: J. Lutz monitoring system, star type auger cleaner, centering device max dia. 1200mm, 7,5m long CFA extension and swivel

Some Images of the Equipment

Contact Information

  • Via Malignani, 1, 33074 Fontanafredda PN - Italy
  • Phone:
    +39-0434 9941
  • 08:30AM – 18:00PM

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