Casagrande B200 XP PDW- Rotary piling rig

Some general overview of the Equipment

Some technical specifications of the Casagrande B200 xp – Piling Machinery for bored piles:

Some technical specifications of the Equipment

Undercarriage: 2500 - 3900 mm

Diesel Engine: Cummins QSL-9 239 kW @2200 rpm – Tier 4F

Rotary Head: H22 Max torque 210 kNm with cardanic joint

Winches: Main 240 kN, auxiliary 83 kN

Pull-Down winch: Crowd 280 /Extraction Force 280 kN, Stroke 13.800 mm

Kelly bars (dia. 419) with upper guide: 4 x 9,5 interlocking type (kelly box 200 x 200 mm), for a depth of 34,0 m

Accessories: Automatic greasing system, Hydraulic air compressor with hose reel:
- Flow: 1000 l/min
- Pressure: 12 bar
7’’ monitor complete with Nr.3 video cameras: one to control area behind the rig, one to control winches, one to control right side of the rig.

Some Images of the Equipment

Contact Information

  • Via Malignani, 1, 33074 Fontanafredda PN - Italy
  • Phone:
    +39-0434 9941
  • 08:30AM – 18:00PM

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